About Us


Black & Abroad is a multi-platform travel & lifestyle company that has been redefining world experiences for the modern Black traveler since 2015.

We strive to elevate the Black community through world exploration by showing familiar faces in unfamiliar places and exposing the world to nuanced, diverse narratives within the travel community.

Black & Abroad has been recognized by media outlets such as Black Enterprise, The Root, Ebony, and Huffington Post for our efforts to open doors within the travel industry. We have also been invited to the United Nations to speak on diversity & inclusion and the importance of sharing multiple perspectives within travel.

About “see you there”

For our 2024 travel season, we wanted to help our guests see themselves on their next Black & Abroad trip. So we launched an innovative project using generative AI, training the models on pictures of our past guests to create personalized photo albums starring those guests at our upcoming destinations.

What started as an innovative, joyous marketing campaign took a serious turn as we uncovered implicit biases manifesting within the AI generated output images. In the end, we completed our original vision for the campaign and created beautiful, bespoke photo albums for our past guests at our future destinations. But we also took the opportunity to tell a bigger story about what we discovered along the way.

With “see you there,” we hope to shine a light on how generative AI models are built and trained so that in the future, every traveler can see themselves reflected.