Only past Black & Abroad guests will receive emails with unique URL links that drive to personalized photo galleries containing AI generated images of themselves. All images in guest’s personalized photo galleries are stored in Google Cloud Storage and are completely private, with no public access whatsoever.

Each unique URL link sent via email is only valid for 14 days after the email is deployed on March 18, 2024. After 14 days, the link will be deactivated and access will be prohibited. The only means of accessing a guest’s personalized photo gallery page is via the unique URL link in our emails. When a guest clicks their unique URL, it is shared only with the guest or with Black & Abroad. Black & Abroad will never share the unique URL links with any other party. Guests are able to share their personalized photo gallery pages with friends and family if they choose. In all cases, the unique URL link will only be active for 14 days.

Guests can download images from their personalized photo galleries for 14 days. On day 15, Black & Abroad will delete their Google Cloud Storage, effectively wiping all the images from the Google Cloud platform.

The personalized photo galleries are secure environments, meaning they won’t be picked up by online search tools, such as Google Images.

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